S-Lot: Whither the Canadians

While trying to come up with some closing words of my own that might be more interesting than my usual gabbling about how big a part of my life this has turned out to be, I had a thought: Whatever has happened to all our Canadian friends? Was a Slotcon/Toronto ever held? Did Amy ever rejoin after the new site went up? Will Garwik collapse in a frustrated heap if the newest Sam and Max project should be delayed again? Well, I have word from Matthew, and to all I say: you’ve been appreciated. And missed.

-Dave Florida

I haven't been around much lately. I haven't cast many thoughts in the S-Lot's direction either. I don't know why. I feel terrible about it. When I neglect family and friends there's usually some sort of reason, maybe that's why this is so difficult, because there isn't. People grow and change and I'm young, so I can't think of things as static, not if I plan to have a future.

But Slovotsky's Laws is different, to me. It means comfort, it means safety and warmth because the S-Lot is just the kind of place where those things are allowed to thrive. It's the people of course. We all met randomly and have shared five years of our lives together. Holy shit, you people have been with me like heart-barnacles, nothing gets by you guys and forgetting you is impossible, with every heart beat. And apparently barnacles are proportionately indecently-endowed, you stud of a website you.

I'm still trying to get to a SlotCon you know. So no one's allowed to be miserable until I get there. All of your faces and names are part of me because you're family. Acceptance, tolerance, intelligence, quality, these aspects of humanity are uncommon in real people on the levels you practice them. Y'all are my kind of Aliens.